Portraits of Chris & Robby Peters

Nothing describes brotherhood like Chris & Robby. This brother combo had a passion for films at a very young age and formed the company called San Filmo, after their first short film “The Contender” (2012), which won ‘Best Short Film’ at the Auckland “Phase One Youth Festival”. Since then, they’ve produced two short films – 127 (directed by Christopher) and Voyeur (directed by Robert). ‘127’ was in the official selection of the 2015 European Independent Film Festival, winning Best Cinematography. Voyeur was completed in February and is currently being submitted to various festivals. The two have now turned their sights to feature films.

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Location: Capitol Cinemas, Ponsonby Social Club and Corban Estate Arts Centre.
Assistants: Aaron Lopez, Max Monastyrev & Hazel Peco
Lighting: XYTECH